The Company

Snyder Software Solutions was founded in 2003 to provide software analysis/design/development solutions to small businesses in need of highly skilled software engineering expertise. This company provides software solutions for front-end, middle-tier, and back-end.


It is the commitment of Snyder Software Solutions to provide small businesses with software engineering solutions for both large and small projects with emphasis on using proven software engineering techniques and the greatest integrity to the customer.


The vision of Snyder Software Solutions is to continue to provide top quality solutions for leading edge small businesses.

The aSwing Pro

The aSwing Pro is a video capture analysis tool. It allows the user to view their video frame by frame and draw analysis overlays in each frame.

This is a great golf swing analyzer app; however, it is great for any sport or activity, including lacrosse, baseball, basketball, etc, to review the swing or a general movement in slow motion.

There is no need for any login or registration to use: just download the Free or Pro version of this app. Install, create your album(s), record video(s), and then analyze them frame by frame.

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smart watch

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Computer Science Innovations. Melbourne, FL.

Desktop application developed doing User Interface implementation using Java/Swing and database technologies.

General Electric Transportation. Melbourne, FL.

Desktop application developed doing User Interface implementation using Java/Swing, application servers, and database technologies.

Manatee Elementary School. Viera, FL.

The A+ Learning System™ application.

Jim Snyder, MSCS

Snyder Software Solutions

Rockledge, Florida


Master of Science, Computer Science. Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.

In early 2002, Mr. Snyder earned his Master of Science in Computer Science degree (MSCS) from Florida Institute of Technology. He did his thesis under Dr. Ronaldo Menezes who was obviously very instrumental and compassionate towards the success of the research being done. Prior to his thesis defense, Mr. Snyder was published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science for the Fifth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages in York, UK. Mr. Snyder's research during his thesis earned him the Outstanding Graduate Student for Spring 2002.