Jim Snyder, M.S.

Snyder Software Solutions

Rockledge, Florida




Master of Science, Computer Science. Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida; Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.


Mr. Snyder founded Snyder Software Solutions in 2003. As its president, Mr. Snyder focuses on developing new software for clients by creating solutions that exceed their expectation in quality and on-time delivery. Through his 17 years of experience, Mr. Snyder realized that the customer needs better quality and on-time delivery: too many software applications are delivered with errors or just do not work, nevertheless, delivered late. It is his company's creed that these are the focused concepts that differentiate from other companies that provide software solutions.

For the past 17 years, Mr. Snyder has held positions ranging from Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, to Chief Scientist. In these positions, he has developed and lead teams to develop client-side solutions for User Interfaces in Motif and Swing. Additionally, he has provided server-side solutions using web and application servers, sockets, remote method invocation (RMI). His software engineering experience extends network management, weather, power, eCommerce, intrusion detection and transportation applications. All of these solutions were developed for 2-tier, 3-tier and n-tiers architectures. Mr. Snyder's interests of n-tier architecture lead him to further his education in Computer Science.

In early 2002, Mr. Snyder earned his Master of Science in Computer Science degree from Florida Institute of Technology. He did his thesis under Dr. Ronaldo Menezes who was obviously very instrumental and compassionate towards the success of the research being done. Prior to his thesis defense, Mr. Snyder was published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science for the Fifth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages in York, UK. Mr. Snyder's research during his thesis earned him the Outstanding Graduate Student for Spring 2002.

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