Snyder Software Solutions offers full custom software development lifecycle including: analysis/design, implementation, testing, installation, and support.

Android Applications

The full Android stack will be used to deliver current technology needs for mobile application development. Contact

Desktop Applications

The most common architectures are 2 or 3-tier. Programming languages used for development are Java/Swing and SQL. Often times a middle tier consisting of J2EE is involved. Contact

Web Applications

Current technologies support Web 2.0 for Internet and customer's intranets. Technologies used are J2EE, AJAX, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaServer Pages, Java, Struts, HTML, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript and SVG. Customer databases are used to persist web form data entries. Contact

Web Sites

Current technologies support HTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, AJAX, and JavaScript. MySQL and PHP are used to persist web form data entries. 3rd party shopping carts are used for purchase. Snyder Software Solutions also assists in obtaining domain names and can evaluate hosting plans that suite the best options for the customer. Customers can have Snyder Software Solutions maintain the website for updating or the customer can take over maintainence. Contact

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